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I’ve worked as a software tester for over 14 years, with a mix in manual, exploratory, and automated testing, on desktop, web applications, and APIs.

In the last 8 years I’ve been working in Agile teams, and learning about all the processes and challenges that throws at Testers.

I’ve a strong interest in developing testers to work in Agile ways, and break away from the traditional view of testers as the final gate keepers to releasing software.

The T-Shaped person is a term often found in Agile teams, referring to someone that has a strong core skill, and supplementary skills branching off into other areas. I think of myself as that kind of tester, being able to confidently provide value testing software, but able to work in other areas of the software development cycle as well.

With this blog, I hope to write down some of my views, ideas, and insights on many aspects of testing, and how I’m trying to learn new skills along the way.